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YMCA - Young Men's Christian Association is an International Organisation. YMCA was founded in the year 1844 at London City by Sir George Williams on Christ's ideal of sacrificial love. Way back in the year 1857 the first YMCA in India/Asia was started at Calcutta. Over 80% of the membership in the YMCAs located in India consists of non-Christians. YMCA activities are prompted by concern for the needy. The National Council of YMCAs of India is the governing body of the Indian YMCAs which formulates various policies and spells out issues and concerns to be addressed at the local level.

Motto & Emblem: The purpose of the YMCA is for development of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT of youth which is symbolized in its universally accepted emblem, the equilateral red triangle pointed downwards represents the all-sided development of an individual.

The YMCA is a World-Wide, Youth-focused, Membership based, Voluntary Movement for both men and women of Christian and Other faiths who seek to share the Christian ideal of building a humane community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation for the fullness of life for all creation. YMCA aims at the overall welfare and development of spiritual, mental and physical faculties of the people without any distinction based on caste, colour, sex or race.

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